The boom of Apartment homes

The Real Estate Business has always shown a positive boom in the sales in all the corners if the world because people always feel the need to buy their own property and homes. Due to establishment of outstanding educational institutions, establishment of the township as a part of Public Private Participation, brilliant education and employment opportunities, good weather, cosmopolitan population, growth of IT’s and manufacturing industries, the real estate projects has always been a success. Real estate industries have always been beneficial for the economy of the country. Nowadays, the apartments and flats are the new types of homes at boom because they are easily available and cheaper than that of independent bungalows. No matter where you live, you can always get an apartment near your area in affordable prices. The business of real estate is in great progress and development these days due to the demand and increase of apartments.

The top builders of real estate such as these builders in Berkshire have established benchmarks in construction of apartments, hotels, resorts, and IT Parks. They do not take time to get constructed because their designs are just similar to the plan of ground floor. They do not take much area and earth. They can accommodate even more than 1000 flats over a single piece of land and because of these factors; the apartment industry in real estate has been growing tremendously.

Types of apartments

  • They are 2BHK and 2.5BHK apartments that are constructed especially over the land that are small budget or generally fall under small construction. The apartments get available for possession after the construction is done. The apartments are also are quite popular because they are great at safety side, like they are provided with safety grill and window sill; and the aluminum sliding windows are power coated. The building has RCC frame structure and is Earthquake resistant. They are 1BHK and 2BHK apartments as well that are usually owned by medium income group of people. The plot area is 807 Sq-ft for 1BHK apartments and 913 Sq-ft for 2BHK apartments.
  • They are 3BHK, 4BHK and even 5BHK apartments that are constructed luxuriously on a large land with all the amenities nearby. The buildings are usually made of RCC frame earthquake resistant structure with Plaster of Paris finish for internal walls. The building is facilitated with power backup for lifts and common lights in staircase and parking. The building also has one car parking for each flat. These apartments usually have great locking system with night latch for the doors.

Apartments are very famous in bigger towns, especially the areas that are developing rapidly these days. The apartments are safer and they usually exhibit the ambiance of a society with all the amenities in the same campus. With the real estate business that is increasing rapidly, apartments are a great boon for the business because it helps in development of real estate industry as well as the economy of the country.


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